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Comprehensive information on BVI and USVI ferry schedules including ferry map and FAQs

Select your point of departure and arrival

Select your point of departure and arrival

Fares between BVI and USVI do not include USVI Port Fee/$10, BVI Environment Fee/$10 and BVI Departure Tax/$20 ($15 resident). Luggage fees may apply.

Whilst we believe the ferry times listed to be correct, Best of BVI Ltd is not responsible for changes to the schedules. It is advisable to contact the ferry company to confirm schedule on your travel dates.

Frequently Asked Questions

Not sure how the ferries between the islands operate? Check out our FAQ below for current information.

Ferry Companies

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A: On the whole, yes, they are reliable. However, it is advisable to contact the ferry company the day before your intended travel dates as schedules can change at short notice.



  • Check the schedule that lists your route.
  • Check what day you are travelling. Some ferries only run on certain days of the week.
  • Look at the times to see which is most convenient.

A: You can either take a private water taxi (please note private water taxis only run whilst customs and immigration in the BVI remains open). Alternatively, make arrangements to stay overnight on St Thomas and then catch the ferry across the next day.

A: Some ferries travel direct, some will travel via another dock or island (the schedules indicate which). Allow additional time if the ferry does not travel direct.

A: If you are flying into St Thomas (STT), it will be quicker to take a taxi from the airport to the ferry dock at Charlotte Amalie (10 mins). The journey to Red Hook usually takes 25 mins but can take considerably longer in rush hour.

A: All ferries from Charlotte Amalie travel to Road Town. Ferries from Red Hook travel to West End. If your final destination is west of Cane Garden Bay, then it is recommended to disembark at West End. If your final destination is east of Cane Garden Bay then Road Town would be closer to your final destination.

A: No, Road Town Fast Ferry travels direct between Charlotte Amalie and Road Town, Tortola.  ‘Tortola Fast Ferry’, AKA Smith’s Ferry and their schedules apply.

A: Approximate times are listed below (islands listed in alphabetical order). All times are for direct ferry unless stated otherwise.

Anegada to:

  • Tortola, Road Town: 60 mins
  • Tortola via Virgin Gorda: 75 mins
  • Virgin Gorda: 45 mins


Jost van Dyke to:

  • St John: 30 mins
  • St Thomas (RH) via St John: 60 mins
  • Tortola, West End: 25 mins


Norman Island, The Bight to:

  • Tortola, Hannah Bay: 20 mins


Marina Cay to:

  • Tortola, Trellis Bay: 15 mins


Scrub Island to:

  • Tortola, Trellis Bay: 20 mins


St John, Cruz Bay to:

  • Jost van Dyke: 30 mins
  • St Thomas, Charlotte Amalie: 40 mins
  • St Thomas, Red Hook: 20 mins


St Thomas, Charlotte Amalie to:

  • St John, Cruz Bay: 40 mins
  • Tortola, Road Town: 60 mins
  • Tortola, Road Town via West End: 75 mins
  • Tortola, West End: 45 mins
  • Virgin Gorda, Spanish Town: 1hr 30 mins


St Thomas, Red Hook to:

  • Jost van Dyke via St John: 60 mins
  • St John, Cruz Bay: 20 mins
  • Tortola, Road Town via West End: 55 mins
  • Tortola, Road Town: 45 mins
  • Tortola, West End: 35 mins


Tortola, Hannah Bay to:

  • The Bight, Norman Island: 15 mins


Tortola, Road Town to:

  • Anegada: 60 mins
  • Anegada via Virgin Gorda: 75 mins
  • St Thomas (Charlotte Amalie): 60 mins
  • St Thomas (Charlotte Amalie) via West End: 75 mins
  • St Thomas (Red Hook): 45 mins
  • St Thomas (Red Hook) via West End: 60 mins
  • Virgin Gorda, Spanish Town: 30 mins


Tortola, Trellis Bay to:

  • Marina Cay: 15 mins
  • Scrub Island: 20 mins
  • Virgin Gorda, Spanish Town: 15 mins


Tortola, West End to:

  • Jost van Dyke: 25 mins
  • St Thomas (Red Hook): 35 mins


Virgin Gorda, Spanish Town to:

  • Anegada: 45 mins
  • St Thomas (Charlotte Amalie): 1hr 30 mins
  • St Thomas (Charlotte Amalie) via Tortola, Road Town: 1hr 40 mins
  • Tortola, Road Town: 30 mins
  • Tortola, Trellis Bay: 20 mins

A: Take a ferry to Road Town (Tortola) and then continue the journey from Road Town to Spanish Town (Virgin Gorda). If you miss the last ferry from Road Town, you can take a taxi to Trellis Bay (25 mins) and take a later ferry across to Spanish Town.

A: Speedy’s ferry departs from Trellis Bay which is within walking distance of the airport (EIS). It will be far quicker to take this ferry rather than take a 25 mins’ taxi ride to Road Town and then getting a ferry from there.

A: The ferry to Jost Van Dyke departs from West End. You will need to take a taxi from the airport to the West End ferry dock which will take approx 50 mins.

A: Cooper Island Beach Club’s boat runs between Port Purcell, Tortola and Cooper Island. Contact Cooper Island for further information.


A: Reservations are generally not required. Generally we would not recommend making reservations as ferry tickets cannot be transferred between operators. Make your way to the ferry dock and take the next ferry departing to your destination. However, if you’re tavelling at a busy time of year and you know that you will make that ferry, then we would recommend making reservations.

A: Prices are listed on the schedules or on the individual ferry companies’ websites. Alternatively, contact the ferry company direct.

A: Yes, credit cards are generally accepted except for the ferry between Tortola-Jost van Dyke (New Horizon Ferry Service) which accepts cash only. However, there are occasions when there may be a power outage and credit cards cannot be processed. It is therefore advisable to carry cash as well.


  • An Environmental and Tourism levy of $10/pp will be collected on arrival in the BVI at all ports of entry.
  • If you are departing the BVI by ferry, a departure tax of $20/pp ($15/pp for residents) is payable whether it be for a day trip or returning home.
  • For passengers departing St Thomas to BVI, there is also a $10/pp Development Fee.

A: Take a look at the schedules to see if the same ferry company is returning at a convenient day/time. If not, then it is recommended to purchase one-way tickets so it doesn’t tie you in to any particular ferry company on your return journey. On the whole, this does not apply to day trips. Also, please be aware that ferries can be cancelled at short notice so it is advisable to contact the ferry company a couple of days before your intended travel dates.

Ferry docks

Anegada – Setting Point
Beef Island, Tortola – Trellis Bay
Jost van Dyke – Great Harbour
Marina Cay
Norman Island, The Bight
Scrub Island
St John – Cruz Bay
St Thomas – Charlotte Amalie
St Thomas – Red Hook
Tortola – Baugher’s Bay
Tortola, Beef Island – Trellis Bay
Tortola, Hannah Bay
Tortola – West End
Tortola, Waterfront Dr, Road Town
Virgin Gorda – Gun Creek
Virgin Gorda – Leverick Bay
Virgin Gorda – Spanish Town

A: The following times are approximate. Please allow extra time during rush hour on the larger islands and also to purchase tickets.

Anegada – Setting Point
From: Loblolly – 20 mins; Cow Wreck – 15 mins

St Thomas – Charlotte Amalie
From: the airport (STT) – 10 mins; Red Hook – 25 mins

St Thomas – Red Hook
From: the airport (STT) – 25 mins

Tortola – Baugher’s Bay
From: Beef Island (airport) – 20 mins; Cane Garden Bay – 25 mins; Soper’s Hole/West End – 35 mins

Tortola, Beef Island – Trellis Bay

From: Beef Island (airport) – 5 mins; Cane Garden Bay – 45 mins; Soper’s Hole/West End – 55 mins

Tortola – West End
From: Beef Island (airport) – 50 mins; Cane Garden Bay – 20 mins; Soper’s Hole/West End – 5 mins

Tortola, Waterfront Dr, Road Town
From: Beef Island (airport) – 30 mins; Cane Garden Bay – 20 mins; Soper’s Hole/West End – 20 mins

Virgin Gorda – Spanish Town
From: The Top of The Baths – 10 mins; Leverick Bay – 20 mins; Mahoe Bay – 10 mins


Tortola, Road Town
There is a large car park to the west of the ferry dock.

Tortola, West End
Parking is available either side of the road leading to the terminal.

Tortola, Trellis Bay, Beef Island
You can usually park behind the coffee shop or along the unpaved road leading to it.

Virgin Gorda, Spanish Town
Parking is available close to the dock


Setting Point: Potters-by-the-Sea

Jost van Dyke, Great Harbour: Corsairs

St Thomas, Charlotte Amalie
The Petite Pump Room Restaurant is located upstairs above the terminal

St Thomas, Red Hook
Bar and snacks are available within the terminal

Tortola, Beef Island, Trellis Bay
Jeremy’s Kitchen

Tortola, Waterfront Dr, Road Town
Pusser’s and Capriccio di Mar are across the road from the ferry dock

Virgin Gorda, Spanish Town
Bath & Turtle within 5 mins walk

A: Yes, taxis are readily available on Anegada, St John, St Thomas, Tortola and Virgin Gorda.

A: Yes, rental vehicles are readily available. Contact the car rental company direct to reserve your vehicle. If requested, the majority of car rental agencies will meet you off the ferry. Recommended companies are listed below:

Tortola: Jerry’s Car Rental, Island Time, Denzil Clyne Car Rental

Virgin Gorda: L&S Rental Vehicles, Mahogany Rentals, Speedy’s Car Rental

Anegada: DW Jeep Rental

Jost van Dyke: Paradise Jeep Rental


Between 10-45 mins depending on island and number of passengers arriving at the same time.

A: All travellers require a valid passport to travel between the BVI and USVI.

A: International travelers who are seeking to travel to/from the British Virgin Islands via the United States under the Visa Waiver Program (VWP) are now subject to enhanced security requirements and will be required to pay an administrative fee. Applications can be made online: ESTA application

Please remember to bring a printout of the authorisation with you.