General Tourist Information

British Virgin Islands

On Tortola and Virgin Gorda

Road Town

US Dollar

Credit cards
Visa and Mastercard are widely accepted in most hotels, shops and larger restaurants; American Express is accepted in some establishments. Smaller establishments do not accept credit cards.

All imports are subject to varying rates of duty. Imports entering the BVI temporarily are not subject to duty.

Dress code
Dress code on the islands is casual (shorts & t-shirts) and only the most exclusive restaurants require elegant clothing. The wearing of swimsuits is considered offensive if worn around town or in residential areas. Please cover up.

A valid driving license is required by all those seeking to drive in the British Virgin Islands. Driving is on the left-hand side of the road throughout the islands. Minimum age for hiring a rental car is 25 years.

The possession, sale, use or distribution of illegal drugs constitutes a criminal offence punishable by law resulting in fines and jail sentences.

Police, Fire or Ambulance – dial 999; VISAR (Virgin Islands Search & Rescue) dial 999 or ch 16.

Peebles Hospital, Lower Main Street, Road Town, Tortola. Tel: (284) 494-3497, 24-hr Accident & Emergency Department. Ambulance services with surgical, laboratory and x-ray facilities available.


The British Virgin Islands are located in the Caribbean Sea, Latitude 18.25 degrees North and Longitude 64.36 degrees West – approximately 90 miles east of Puerto Rico.

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A valid passport is required to enter the British Virgin Islands with proof of a return or onward ticket. Visitors from some countries may require a visa – if in doubt please check with your nearest BVI Tourist Board.

30,100 (2019)

Tax – Arrival and Departure
Arrival – Environmental and Tourism levy of $10/pp will be collected on arrival in the BVI at all ports of entry.

Departure – $20/person (residents $15/person). If departing on a scheduled flight the departure tax is generally included on the ticket. If departing on private charter, departure tax will need to be paid before proceeding to the Departure Lounge.

Tax – Accommodation
In the British Virgin Islands there is a 10% Hotel Accommodation Tax payable by guests who stay for six months or less in hotels, apartments, houses, cottages, villas and similar accommodations.

Tax – Sales
There is no sales tax in the British Virgin Islands

The International Dialling Code for the British Virgin Islands is +1-284 followed by a 7-digit number. Phone calls using credit card is available as well as the purchase of phone cards.

Time Zone
Atlantic Standard Time (AST): -4 hours GMT and +1 hour EST.

Tourist Information
The BVI Tourist Board is located:
3rd Floor, Eureka Geneva Building
Road Town, Tortola
Tel: (284) 494-3134 / (284) 494-3866

Travel Insurance
Trip interruption and cancellation insurance is strongly advised.

The electrical current is 110 volt, 60 cycles.

The average temperature is 29°C/84°F in summer and 27°C/80°F in winter. Average annual rainfall is approx 45 inches. See WEATHER for current conditions.